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How Gamers are Finding Girlfriends on Live Cams - Scourge Web

How Gamers are Finding Girlfriends on Live Cams

How Gamers are Finding Girlfriends on Live Cams

Porn is dead. I know that sounds morbid and a bit sad, especially for all your horn-dogs out there. But let’s be real, traditional porn is boring. It’s out dated. It’s just not doin’ it for you anymore. It might be because everything is too predictable or because you’re starting to think that everyone looks the same…

Either way, traditional porn is impersonal. It almost might make you want to revert back to a play boy. At least sitting there with a magazine feels a little more personal than watching some generic looking blonde get banged by some generic looking dude.
But let’s be honest, cam sex sites are much more entertaining. What’s more personal than being able to talk to the girl on the other side of the screen!?
Here are a few of the top sites for sex cams:

(You might notice that this list is incredibly short, well that’s because I’m very picky and I’m only going to give you the stuff that I actually like!)

In my opinion this realistically should be the only bullet on this list. Instant Chat is my favorite because it feels personal. Sure, you have some girls on here that obviously make a lot of money doing it, but the vast majority of people working online are working for themselves and are also amateur. There aren’t going to be any huge porn stars caming on this site, this is all about the home-grown hoe!

The way the site works is that you make an account and you essentially have full access to the chats of all the cams. However, I would recommend buying tokens! At least just a few (or alternatively you can cam and make some coinage yourself!). The reason you’re going to want some credits in your account is because the color of your username reflects how much money you have in your account.

How Gamers are Finding Girlfriends on Live Cams

It’s pretty unlikely you’re going to have any cam girl listen to you if the color of your username reflects that you have no digital dough to speak of. So, you should definitely put some money in or cam yourself! (even if you don’t think you can, believe me there’s am market for everything! You’ll probably make enough credits to make yourself look like youre a semi-baller).
Again, as far as I’m concerned this is the best site out there right now.


If cam sites could be gentrified by the traditional porn industry, this is what it’d look like. Unlike, Chaturbate you’re going to find a lot of your favorite stars on this site.
If you’re looking to have a change to interact with people like Dani Daniels, and other women of similar porno-clout, then you should check out this site!

Kink Live

So, you’re a freak, huh? If, like Rhianna, whips and chains excite you then you should go for this site. Sure, not all of the chat boxes will be open to those without an account or credits but all the content is very, very kinky!