About Scourge Web

Hello, viewers of my blog! I am the writer and owner for Scourge Web. It’s very nice to meet you all and thank you for taking the time to read my blog. This website is meant to give advice for the young generations looking for careers. This is my way to give back to people by showing them how to have a work-life balance, and that your happiness is most important in life.

Loving your life is the true key to happiness and you spend the majority of your life in your career, so if you’re not happy and fulfilled with your career, then you’re not going to be happy in your life. When picking a career path, make sure you pick something that you will enjoy the people that surround you, as well as you feel that what your doing has purpose, and you get a thrill while doing it.

Always remember, be happy, be patient, and be kind. You will get far in life if you are always positive and have a smile on your face. People like to surround themselves that are positive, and you’ll find it’s even easier to get hired for a position if you’re positive and likable.